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The Right Moment To Book Your Boudoir Session

  One thing I hear often when talking to someone about booking a session is the phrase, “I’m not ready”. It’s usually followed by another excuse… “I’m not in the right head space” “I need to lose weight” “I’m not happy with my body right now” I get it. Being in front of the camera stripped down is a very vulnerable place to be and we want to be there at our best. It’s hard to imagine ourselves as beautiful when we’re stressed or down or just not fully loving our bodies. And so, the session gets delayed until the “right moment”. The catch is…there is no “right moment”. Years will go by in search of that moment and the excuses will always be there. These sessions are not designed to take you at your highest but to lift you up. To show you that in all the ordinary moments how beautiful you really are.

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